Facebook Advertisement Service


Do you want to promote your product/ service in social media? Aren’t you getting enough sell or reaching the targeted customers?

We are providing social media advertising service for you then. We have skilled social media experts who analyses your requirements and set the advertising tags based on place, age, interest etc.

Why us?

1) You can start the ad service for only $ 30.
2) Ad will be set according to your customization.
3) The report screenshots / files will be sent at specific times.
4) You can get our expert suggestions for advanced ads.
5) You will get help for high graphics banners from us also.


1) For any reason, if the ad is not approved, you will get the money back.
2) We do not give anti-Facebook, religious or social provocative ads.
3) 100% payment must be made in advance with fees. (Fees: if applicable)
4) Dollar Rate: 95/- Taka per Dollar.

BDT - ৳2850

BDT - ৳2850